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Enabling social influence for your branded news, images and videos

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Publish your news & ideas across the Internet in a timely manner with automated RSS content syndication.
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News, questionnaires, audio podcasts and videos can be tuned into viral messages to spread your word.
Go viral ! quickly post your messages and media to the world

What's it all about ?

Social media or social influence marketing is is a huge opportunity for business. Liveflash™ allows organisations to instantly publish their messages across the Internet.

Updating all your social networks is a time consuming task. With a single click your networks, Twitter, Facebook etc.. are are all updated and your news is made "live" and converted to an RSS feed alerting the major news and blog aggregators Google®, Bing, Yahoo® etc.. all in less than an hour¹

Once logged in members use a simple "word-processor-style" interface to copy & paste or write their news and optionally embed images² and video ³

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